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Rex Specs are protective eyewear for the active dog. They are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. Rex Specs protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun. All lenses are UVA/UVB protective and assist in the treatment of canine eye conditions such as pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratitis).  Rex Specs have been designed and tested for the working dog to insure they meet the needs of any dog and any adventure.

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Product Description

  • Rex Specs dog goggles come with 2 lenses – Clear and a second lens of your choice. Choose from 3 lens tints (Clear, Smoke, & Revo Mirror)
  • All lenses are interchangeable, spherical, and rated UV400 to provide protection from UVA/UVB rays.
  • Dynamic strap system enables full jaw movement
  • Rex Specs are one size fits most – fits dogs 30-100 lbs depending on head shape. A strap extender is recommended if your dog’s head is greater than 20 inches around. Measure underneath their chin from the soft part of their lower jaw and then around their head below their ears to the other side.

Stability and Durability

  • The frame is soft and comfortable.  This allows the frame to bend to fit the dogs face, surviving hard use.
  • Rex Specs were tested on military working dogs during extreme training, they have proven to stay in place during everything from physical encounters to helicopter deployments.

UV Protection

  • There are many common eye conditions that plague dogs.  Many customers are trying to manage Pannus (chronic superficial keratitis), a condition common in many breeds and made worse by exposure to the sun.  Rex Specs can help to limit the exposure to UV and regain control of this permanent ailment.  For more information on Pannus, please discuss this with your local vet.


Fitting Rex Specs

  • Rex Specs current model fits dogs between 30-100 pounds depending on the shape of their head.  Success has been had on either side of this range.  Larger dogs or dogs with broad muzzles might require a strap extender.  The strap extender adds four inches to the main strap.
  • A correct fit will keep the goggles in place and be most comfortable for the dog.
  • Make sure the elastic section of the strap around the muzzle is not too tight or loose, but snug.
  • The dog should have full range of motion in their jaw.  A good test is whether they can eat a treat or take a drink of water.
  • Keep the side straps tight enough to create a slight obtuse angle in the main strap.
  • Each goggle includes an informational card about fitting and training.


Training Tips

  • Remove the Lens: Try the goggles without the lens a few times before introducing the lens.  This allows the dog to get used to the frame on their face, before making them look through the lens.  Transition from no lens to clear lens.
  • Timing: Have your dog wear the goggles in a comfortable place; around the house while they are tired, sleeping, or eating.  If your dog is leash trained, introduce the goggles while they are on the leash so that their attempt to remove the goggles can be quickly corrected.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Make it fun!  Put Rex Specs on for short periods of time before meals, treats, or their favourite activities.  When the Rex Specs come out, you’re dog will learn that something good is going to happen.


How Rex Specs Customers Describe Themselves

  • dog has a medical condition
  • concerned pet owner
  • working dogs
  • service dogs
  • hunting dogs
  • sport dogs
  • mountain dogs
  • boat dogs
  • mousers/squirrel chasers
  • blind or slight impaired dogs
  • motorcycle sidecar dogs
  • the coolest dogs



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